Hawaii Challenge and 50 States of Wigge End!

I have made it to Hawaii to face a Hawaii Challenge. 50 States of Wigge is done, over, finished! Yooohoo.

Here the facts

-50 states

-38 days, 12 less than I was allowed to do

-50 challenges

-incredible experiences in New England, in the Midwest, in the South, the Wild Wild West, Alaska, New Orleans, name it! America was great, open, friendly and laid back to me. What an incredible experience!

-14,000 miles by van

-9,000 miles by plane

-5 hours sleep each night

Thanks! I will let you know about the book and more to come out. Thanks JU-ES-ÄI! JU-IS-ÄI! JU-ES-ÄI!

50 -States – of – Wigge