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Michael, we’ve received great feedback on your presentation, everyone seemed to really enjoy it! Thanks, Anna
Speaking for ACAAnna Chamberlain, ACA International

Thanks Michael! I enjoyed your presentation so much!

Kerry E. Grimes Vice President, Land Title Assocation of Colorado

Michael’s ‘challenge-4-change’ leadership keynote inspired and entertained the 400 members who joined our international convention in Kansas City. Great life story and thanks for your presentation!

Diana Powell, AMT

Michael Wigge gave a lecture keynote on ‘How to Travel the World for Free’ at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Michael’s talk was engaging, funny, and informing. We highly recommend him for further lectures and keynotes around the nation.

Maryssa Paulsen, University of Wisconsin

Michael’s keynote was an incredible inspiration. It was presented professionally and entertaining. Our guests were fascinated by his adventurous life stories.

Sonja Grondey, WSW Software

The keynote ‘Think Outside The Box’ inspired all 200 participants. Michael’s presentation had a great impact on our event.

Michael, your sales keynote was fascinating and inspiring for our 250 IT experts. Thanks so much!

Mrs. Bisang, Axa Insurance, Switzerland

Michael’s preentation on  ‘Challenge-4-Change Leadership Success’ was amazing during our company apprentice graduation celebration. Michael perfectly managed to combine his extraordinary experiences with the needs of our employees in the insurance business.

Mrs. Sollmann, Huk Coburg Insurance Company, Germany

‘How to Travel the World for Free’ – a thrilling, unusual, and very funny travel speech, which ultimately caught the audience.

Dr. Heiko Beyer, Travel Meeting Planner

‘How to Travel the World for Free’ – a refreshing keynote, very different, and innovative for the speaking scene.

David Hettich, Travel Event Organizer
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How to Travel the World for Free
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