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Fitness Coach

Are You Struggling With Health And Wellbeing? – A Fitness Coach Can Help

Are you struggling with your weight or body-image? Have you recently been diagnosed with a disorder or health concern related to your physical fitness? Do you find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet and workout routine? Your work culture may involve long hours and regular drinks with colleagues, leaving little time to work out or prepare healthy meals. When you are physically unhealthy, it can impact your emotional wellbeing, and self-confidence and leave you feeling exhausted, unbalanced and fearful of potential health issues. Similarly, challenges or dissatisfaction with your mental wellbeing can lead to unhealthy habits and uncomfortable or even painful physical symptoms. You may eat when you’re stressed or use food to cope with emotional challenges in your life. Do you wish you could develop healthier habits, reach your desired level of physical fitness and feel more attractive, successful and balanced in your life? You need a fitness coach.

My Background As Fitness Coach

As your fitness coach, I have a different approach in supporting my clients than other fitness coaches: My clients are encouraged to leave their comfort zone to face their health and fitness challenges. This leads to a healthier lifestyle, personal growth, and the ability to overcome any type of personal challenge. I might make you work hard, but I have a high success rate in creating lasting change!

As part of my international television career as a professional challenge seeker (PBS, The Tonight Show), I traveled to 80 countries in 10 years. I have seen firsthand how important and motivating it can be to maintain a physical and mental health support system. My own lifestyle has become very healthy, I am currently training for a marathon. Thanks to a healthy diet, I dropped 20 pounds in a very short time.

By partnering with me as your fitness coach, we can effectively address the challenges you are facing while working on and around your schedule. I have provided online physical and mental health coaching for clients both nationally and internationally.

In addition to helping my clients achieve greater physical and mental health, I have overcome emotional challenges and unhealthy habits in my own life. The strategies that I used to reach my personal and professional goals have since formed the ten steps of my Challenger Concept (MWCC), an approach designed to help you set and achieve meaningful goals. In employing the MWCC, I developed MediRun, a combination of endurance exercises and meditation intended to improve self-balance and happiness.

If you are ready to start your journey toward greater physical and mental health and self-confidence – or if you have additional questions about working with a fitness coach – I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver, CO (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland).

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Outdoor activities as a key to health

Many Individuals Struggle To Maintain Their Physical And Mental Wellbeing

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than one in three US adults are obese. Nationally, many people struggling with dieting and don’t engage in physical activity enough. Fast and low-cost food items are often the least healthy, and countless individuals are simply too busy – or too exhausted – to find healthier options and exercise regularly. While Boulder is one of the fittest cities in the US, it is still common for individuals to seek ways to feel better and improve their mental and physical wellbeing. Insomuch, most people living in this community understand holistic health, and it is natural to combine physical and mental health as the two directly and indirectly impact one another. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins and a sort of mental high, helping reduce anxiety and stress. Alternately, working on your mental health can help you overcome challenges that may have previously left you too exhausted or overwhelmed to eat right or exercise.

I provide physical and mental health coaching for clients locally, nationally and around the world. Consultations and fitness coach sessions can be conducted in person at my Boulder, Colorado office, in Denver, or around my Fort Collins, CO, coaching space (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland).

There are many paths to improving your mental and physical wellbeing. An experienced fitness coach can help you feel satisfied, confident and in control of your life.

A Fitness Coach Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

The first step in improving your physical and mental health is to understand what changes you can make in your life. As a physical and mental health coach in Boulder, I will help you identify areas where you can improve. Together, we will develop a strategic plan to help you meet your fitness goals, lose weight, live healthier and have more energy. With guidance and support, you can learn how to foster a healthy life style that will leave you feeling fit and self-assured. Initially, I will work out with you both outdoors and in my private gym in Boulder, Colorado, in Denver and in Fort Collins (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland).

I believe that you are the expert in your own life, and my goal is to help you discover and implement the changes you want and need to feel more confident. Changing your routine as it relates to diet, exercise or the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs can be an intimidating process. To help you recognize and embrace your motivations and strengths, our sessions are split between conversation and action. By clearly defining your physical and mental health goals and barriers to change, we can identify and reactivate areas of passion that promote greater fitness and wellbeing. You may look back fondly on your childhood playing soccer, for example, and joining a recreational league might be more enjoyable – and sustainable – than going for a run three times each week. I can help you take a strategic approach to healthier living, promoting a more active lifestyle that you truly enjoy.

As a self-employed challenge seeker for the past 15 years and a fitness coach, I understand the challenges that arise when trying to improve physical and mental wellbeing. However, when you are committed to improving your health, and with the right support system, you can reach your fitness goals and feel balanced, successful and confident.

workout is essential

But you may still have questions or concerns about working with a fitness coach…

I don’t feel like I really have a problem. Why would I need a fitness coach?

Your physical and mental wellbeing greatly impact your quality of life as well as your life expectancy. Additionally, when you feel good about your level of fitness, it can increase self-confidence and lead you to new personal and professional successes.

I’m scared that the process to becoming healthier will be too difficult or painful.

Fear is one of the most common barriers that keep people from taking control of physical and mental wellbeing. But, as soon as you get into the first steps of healthy living – and as you begin to see results – you may find that you enjoy the new routine you are developing. In fact, many clients initially assume a healthier diet and regular exercise will be painful and unpleasant, only to start enjoying – and even craving – their new, healthier routine. I personally changed my own diet to include ¼ gallon of vegetable juice every day, and it didn’t take long before I found myself waking up desiring a glass to start my day. With support, you can push through the challenges that come with changing your routine and begin enjoying your healthier lifestyle in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, CO (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland).

I’ve tried working with a fitness coach before and it didn’t work.

There are many reasons working with a fitness coach may not have delivered the results you wanted. You may not have had good rapport with your coach, or he or she may not have had the experience you needed to reach your goals. I have a proven record of success with clients from all walks of life, and I’ll personally accompany you on your journey toward greater mental and physical health. I will help you develop effective strategies to reach your goals, even joining you to offer support as you practice your new routines. In tailoring solutions to your unique physical and mental health needs, you can reach – and sustain – your fitness goals.

You Can Feel Healthier and More Confident. Contact your Fitness Coach in Boulder, Denver and in Fort Collins, (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland).

Contact Michael For A Free Coaching Consultation Now

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