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Keynote Speaker Michael Wigge

Motivational Speaking

Michael Wigge can be booked for motivational speaking by the industry, by institutions, and by colleges all over the U.S. and Canada.

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The Tonight Show

4 Secrets to Getting Everything You Want in Life

A Keynote on Facing Challenges for Change and Success

According to conventional thought, our desires are satisfied by other people. However, the truth is quite different. Dreams and goals can only be fulfilled by taking responsibility for them, through self-determination, hard work and clear structures, says Tonight Show guest Michael Wigge. Equipped with this mindset and a dash of smart groundwork, visions will come true.

The sky seems to be Wigge’s limit

Award-winning globetrotter, challenge coach, and German TV celebrity Michael Wigge lives his dreams and visions, and has achieved extraordinary goals. In his book ‘How to Travel the World for Free/PBS’ Wigge traveled without a penny in his pocket – from Europe to Antarctica. He lived with the Sanema Indians in the rainforest, crossed Germany on a Razor scooter in 80 days and became a sumo wrestler in Tokyo for MTV.

Wigge’s Challenges

Wigge turned his childhood dream of owning a house in Hawaii, into reality – In 42 artful exhanges, he began with an apple and bartered for bigger and better things until he attained his dream (see ′How to Barter for Paradise′).

In his authentic, fascinating, and humorous message, Michael shares his experiences and breathtaking challenges. He explains how work once again can become ones’ passion and how desire for success can be reignited. The key question: What exactly is your goal?

It sounds so simple, but the more detailed and precise your personal objectives are, the more chances open up to completely and satisfactorily hit your targets. Michael feels confident that people who have the drive and determination can easily turn their dreams into reality – all it takes is ambition and discipline.

As a filmmaker for established international TV stations, Wigge developed and proofed his ‘4 Secrets to Getting Everything in Life′ by achieving a successful career and living the life of his dreams. Additionally, Wigge delivers an enriching exercise aimed at discovering inspiration – to enable people to reach their complete individual potential.

Wigge talks about the importance of  reflecting on passions, visions, values, life purpose, and belief systems to get everything you want in life.

Wigge feels qualified to communicate his experiences, because the first part of his life was marked by challenges. He had not been an inspired high school student, he felt he was never good in what he did until the age of 20. He had the oportunity to study abroad as an exchange student in California and received tremendous inspiration. This experience completely changed his life for the better.

‘I learned to go for whatever I want and I learned a lesson about self-responsibility and inspiration that I’ve relied on throughout my life.’

One of Wigge’s great achievments

Speech contents

  • Overview of his challenge stories e.g. How to Barter for Paradise, and How to Travel the World for Free
  • How does an unspecific wish differ from a clear target?
  • Ambition, discipline and continuous striving: Basic conditions for success
  • Necessary structures to realize dreams
  • Goal setting for success
  • The importance of humor, self-irony and empathy to achieve progress towards targets
  • Give before you take
  • Risks – Their predictability and role in goal attainment
  • 4 secret strategic plans to get everything in life you want
  • Humorous, entertaing
  • Motivational message
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How to Travel the World for Free
How to Barter for Paradise