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Keynote Speaker Michael Wigge

Motivational Speaking

Michael Wigge can be booked for motivational speaking by the industry, by institutions, and by colleges all over the U.S. and Canada.

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The Tonight Show

Challenge for Change – Leadership Success

A Keynote on Developing Extraordinary Leaders

As a business owner or chief executive, are you looking to lead more effectively?

As an influencer in your organization, do you envision developing great leaders throughout the ranks to improve teamwork, productivity, innovation, and problem solving?

Michael Wigge’s “Challenge for Change – Leadership Success” keynote and workshops will inspire the leadership greatness inherent in every individual.

From his experiences as a challenge seeker in international media, Wigge has learned the secrets of leading through extraordinary circumstances to achieve incredible goals.

Known for his “Challenge for Change” programs, the four-time book author, TV host, Today Show & Tonight Show guest, Michael Wigge, embraces astonishing challenges head on to make the impossible happen. By implementing his four fundamental keys of leadership success, he turned a bitten apple into a house in Hawaii in 42 masterful exchanges (book and TV Show: How to Barter for Paradise, 2012). He also traveled the globe without money for transportation, food, or accommodation (book, PBS show: How to Travel the World for Free, 2010). Angelina Jolie called him “a strange but fantastic man;” the L.A. Times dubbed him “the ultimate budget traveler.”

In his honest, accessible style, Wigge uses knowledge gained through his unconventional successes to educate while entertaining.

Wigge’s “Challenge for Change – Leadership Success” keynote and workshops are built on strategies proven through overcoming the extraordinary. Throughout his multiple series’ of documented challenges, he implemented four key leadership principles: Being a great listener to communicate effectively across cultures, perfectly navigating the tension between stability and change, actively assisting others to complete ambitious, visionary projects, and honing his decision-making skills to become an action-oriented influencer.

Wigge is bringing his hard-won, humor-filled wisdom to corporate America.

For a fresh and creative approach to leadership success, tap into the world of Wigge and learn how you can develop extraordinary leaders throughout your organization.

Brief overview of Wigge’s “Challenge for Change – Leadership Success” program

L: Listen

Master the art of active listening: Where, when and how much. Learn what the world’s greatest leaders do to impact history. Garner the courage to make mistakes in order to grow and increase your influence. Learn how one’s own failure can be the key for growth and success.

E: Evaluate

Learn to balance the right measure of change vs. stability, company improvement vs. individual improvement, and risk vs. control. Learn how to challenge yourself to constantly leave your comfort zone for personal change and business success vs. risk management. Understand your own changeless core and the values that define your brand identity.

A: Assist

As a leader, it is your job to help others understand the bigger picture, to help them define their individual contributions to larger business objectives, and to give them what they need to meet those clearly communicated performance goals. Assist with generosity and lead with courage.

D: Decide

Great leaders are decisive. They are able to decide between people vs. position, influence vs. authority, action vs. words, vision vs. money. Wigge presents in detail why the choice for people, influence, actions and vision will always be the winning strategy.

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