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2. Joy of Speaking to Crowds

I was born and raised in Germany, and our culture in terms of presenting stories on stage seems to be way more discrete than the American approach.  I know so many Americans who already spoke in public and performed on stage at school age! I was mainly taught to rather fit in than to self-market. This basically didn’t give me what it needs for a successful job as a motivational keynote speaker. But somehow I made here, even without learning to speak to crowds at an early stage. So, it’s great if you’re well experienced on stage, but if not – don’t worry – you will learn it. Each time you stay on stage, you do leave your comfort zone one more time, and you may experience some stage fright, feel anxious, and push your boundaries of your comfort zone a bit further.

Just imagine, as a child, I was not able to present my homework in front of my class due to my anxiety, stuttering, and the cultural influences in Germany. Nowadays, I speak to crowds in the hundreds and once I even spoke to thousands. The most interesting part of this is, that I do not feel any stage fright at all anymore. Luckily, I could develop from an anxious child in the 1980s to a grown up who feels pretty well on stage. This happened by practicing, more practice, and even much more.  In 2013, I was invited on The Tonight Show and on The Today Show, what a huge day in my life! I was one of the few Germans who probably ever made it to that show  – and I was flirting with Katy Perry next to me live on air while my self-published no-money book got pretty well marketed. Was I nervous? Did stage fright got a grip on me? No, not all. If you leave your comfort zone over and over again, you’ll completely overcome the fear, and – in this context – become a successful motivational keynote speaker way faster and way more successful than you can ever imagine. (Part 3 on humor below the videos)

3. Humor As a Speaker

Many people may think that humor cannot be learned. Fair enough, a funny person is only funny if things come across naturally. But your humor as a successful motivational keynote speaker can be way improved by hard work. I remember the day I went on The Tonight Show. The producer talked me through the questions Jay Leno was about to ask. She listened to my answers and encouraged me to add certain jokes and fun answers. I learned through her support how to turn a straight forward interview answer into a pretty funny answer. Live on air, Katy Perry got encouraged to get involved in that pretty humorous interview between Jay Leno and me, and we started a really funny three-people-talk on cheap dates and dudes without money. Same on stage: You can definitely train yourself to add five to ten good an funny comments to your speech. If you manage to make your crowd laugh a few times, you’ve already won!

A good second step is to be interactive. I always ask the crowd something at the beginning, middle and at the End to have a brief interactive communication. This helps a lot to avoid 100 people sitting there, thinking ‘when is the guy finally done? I need to check my mails’. Inter-activeness and humor combined give you the right atmosphere every meeting planner wants you to create on his or her conference.

Would I recommend you to become a motivational keynote speaker? Yes, I would, because it’s an incredibly fulfilling profession: Fun on stage, helpful to others to help them to embrace change, and an awesome opportunity to see the entire country or even the world. I’ve been speaking all over Germany, Switzerland, and Austria for years, and also made it on stage to many of those US cities below. I can’t wait to continue traveling! Can you?

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