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 Change Management Speaker Michael Wigge

Keynote & Workshop Content by Change Management Speaker Wigge

  • How to reach your goals by embracing change in the business world
  • Change management in the business world – How to embrace new technology
  • Analysis of change management of cycle: Shock, frustration, depression, acceptance, integration
  • How to bring your vision to life through constant change
  • Important tips and tricks for successful self-motivation while embracing change
  • Challenge for Change – the only requirement: Leave your comfort zone
  • 25,000 miles adventure around the world for free with change management speaker Michael Wigge

“Maybe we could, someday…” or “We should do it, but…” are two phrases often said; yet for so many, everything remains the same. Our dreams and desires can sometimes seem like unachievable targets.

Change management speaker, award-winning author, and German-native, Michael Wigge, easily transforms his visions into reality. Internationally recognized for his TV shows and books, Wigge traveled without a single penny to the end of the world; a total of 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica.

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Each day on the road,  change management speaker Michael came up with creative solutions to create opportunities for cost-free food, accommodations, and transportation. He worked as a butler for an ambassador in Panama, couch surfed in the homes of strangers, and for a small fee performed with hand puppets or offered amusing services, such as pillow fighting and being a human bench – Wigge constantly embraced change to succeed!

Tonight Show guest, humorist, and change management speaker, Michael Wigge, entertains audiences with his outrageous and incredible stories. He shows that it can be fun to strive for challenging goals by embracing change in the corporate world. The sky is the limit—and even that can be reached! Michael teaches that with an open mind to leave your comfort zone, incredible outcomes will result. He demonstrates that innovative thinking, relentless positivity, and leveraging unique competitive advantages will enrich your life.

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Is it worth the struggle?

Courage and constant change are required to bring your dreams to life, as well as being unconventional and sometimes even a little crazy. As an expert in applied creativity—and in a humorous, yet practical way—change management speaker Michael Wigge shows that the pay off for acting on a vision can be enormous. His investment for another breath-taking roller coaster ride around the world – ′How to Barter for Paradise′, was just an apple. After making spectacular deals all over the planet, he finally made his dream of a house in Hawaii come true.

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Motivational change management speaker Wigge believes to achieve any goal you must have the right mental structures as a foundation. The change management speaker learned as an MTV reporter to think laterally in order to access extraordinary opportunities: He was ultimately able to make a celebrated appearance with Katy Perry on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Wigge is convinced that everybody can turn their wishes into reality even if at first they seem impossible. Drawing from his proven track record, he explains his experiences and philosophies in this hilarious keynote speech and workshop on change management  and applies his unique approach to everyday life. The keynote rings true to Michael’s motto: “Challenge-4-Change”. Wigge’s coaching angle “Challenge-4-change” is highly recognized in leadership and life coaching. Wigge’s formula gives audiences and clients an incredible strategy on how to embrace change by a comfort zone leaving lifestyle. Feel free to view his TEDx talk for more information on Wigge’s comfort-zone-leaving exercises throughout his entire life. With his challenge-4-change concept, you’ll embrace any kind of change necessary! Change management speaker Wigge is serving all major meeting destinations in the US and Canada with keynotes.

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How Did Change Management Speaker Michael Wigge turned his adventure business into Change Management Keynotes?

When did you decide to start speaking?

Wigge: During my challenges, I first wasn’t really aware of the lessons I learned during my trips. I was just trying to make things happen without really thinking about my personal and professional development. In ‘How to Travel the World for Free’ I basically had to survive on the road without money for accommodation, food, and travel to make it 30,000 miles to Antarctica. In ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ it was the same story. I might have reflected that I was constantly acting out of my comfort zone, but not more. Just two years after these two challenges, I sat down and reflected on personal development, my lessons I learned in leadership, sales, and mainly in change management. During those adventures, I had to constantly embrace change to achieve those goals. I remember, that I had to play an endless amount of different roles during my trip around the world without money. One day, I had to be the funny guy to entertain people and to get food for free. Other days, I had to be most trustworthy, a good listener, or develop creative ideas to make things happen. This happened in constantly changing settings, in cities, on the road, in the US, on a container ships, or just somewhere in the rain forest. Change was the key to success. I sat down one day after the trip to reflect on all lessons I learned on change management and realized that this is something I should forward on stage to the corporate world – I became an internationally recognized change management speaker!

How to Travel the World for Free
How to Barter for Paradise

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