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Charlotte, NC – North Carolina Motivational Speaker Michael Wigge

Motivational Keynotes on Change, Sales, Leadership, Motivation

Challenge for Change - Leadership Success

A Keynote & Workshop on Developing Extraordinary Leaders
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Challenge for Change - Sales Success

A Keynote & Workshop on Strategies for Dramatically Improving Sales
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Change Management - How to Travel the World for Free

A Keynote & Workshop on Embracing Change
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Motivation - How to Trade Up from an Apple to a House in Hawaii

A Keynote & Workshop on (Team) Motivation for Success
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The Challenger Mindset

A Keynote & Workshop on Facing Challenges for Change and Success
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Michael Wigge’s Challenge Books

Fifty States of Wigge book

Charlotte, NC – North Carolina Top Motivational Speaker Michael Wigge

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Keynote Speaker Michael Wigge

Motivational Speaking

Michael Wigge can be booked for motivational speaking by the industry, by institutions, and by colleges all over the U.S. and Canada.

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