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San Francisco Keynote Speaker Wigge’s Content of Keynotes

  • Insights on how to turn fear and stress into success
  • Overview of keynote speaker Wigge’s challenge projects such as  ‘How to Travel the World for Free’
  • Professional development strategies
  • How to turn rejection and failure into success
  • Creation of 5 step business fitness training to build self-confidence, trust, and to overcome fear
  • Passion, purpose, vision, beliefs, and values for success
  • Intro to mental reprogramming for San Francisco meeting crowd
  • Practicing self-motivation strategies, self-responsibility, acceptance, goal setting, positivity, and extraordinary networking
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Wigge on The Tonight Show

Keynotes and Workshops on ‘Challenge-4-Change’ Success

San Francisco motivational speaker Michael Wigge, an award-winning German TV personality and internationally recognized keynote speaker, journeyed 25,000 miles in his experiment ‘How to Travel the World for Free’, without a penny in his pocket. He had to overcome his own fears to survive each day, reaching out to others for free food, free travel, and free accommodation. However, PBS producer and Tonight Show guest Michael Wigge has not always had these skills. Fear, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and even stuttering were large parts of his childhood. His ‘self-therapy…’:

San Francisco, California Keynote Speaker Reel Michael Wigge

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How to Turn Fear and Stress into Success: You Have To Go Through The Fear, Not Around It!

San Francisco, Califrnia keynote speaker Michael Wigge is a veteran of leaving the comfort zone. The motivational speaker explains how he started this strategy with his childhood game ‘Ring the Bell’ in his TED talk. This was followed by his widely acclaimed How-To projects in adult life. Wigge’s strategy is to accept and deliberately confront all weaknesses to embrace change and achieve goals.

According to San Francisco top motivational speaker Wigge, ‘The ability to better understand others opens up new perspectives and builds character.’

The lively keynote on leadership, change, sales, and motivation of challenge-seeker Michael Wigge has an intentionally personal note; his aim is to inspire his audiences to go for new and unknown paths in life: “Only those who are ready to constantly push their own boundaries will have long-term success.” Be brave! His 5 steps show how to turn fear and stress into success by embracing change. Motivational keynote speaker Wigge speaks nationwide in the US, and in San Francisco.

TEDex Talk - Overcoming Fear

San Francisco motivational speaker Wigge describes in detail the importance of self-motivation strategies, self-responsibility, acceptance, goal setting, positivity, and extraordinary networking for a truly success business. He also explains how several mindset-reprogramming strategies have completely changed his own life and strengthened these qualities in his personality.

Finally, motivational keynote speaker Wigge closes his inspiring presentations by attributing his success to connecting to a positive belief system, clear life and business purpose, and the right set of values, visions, and passions. These aspects have played a key role in his ability to face incredible challenges in the international TV market.

Wigge has overcome his fears by facing extraordinary challenges, and you can do it, too!

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Top motivational keynote speaker Wigge is seving all meeting destinations with keynotes on leadership, sales, motivation, and change: Nationwide, internationally, and in San Francisco, California. He recently spoke at the South San Francisco Convention Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, California 94080-6703 Phone: (650) 877-8787. Wigge’s recommendations for your conference stay in San Francisco, California: One of his top choices for a great hotel is the Fairmont San Francisco on 950 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA. The stylish upscale accomodation is centrally located in reach to all major amenities. If you’re looking for a high qualitiy budget option in town, Wigge found a great choice. Feel free to check out the The Utah Inn on  504 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94107. You are in the right city, the Utah Inn is a centrally located San Francisco hotel for usually below $150 dollars. You’ll have a great experience in a traditional San Francisco wooden architecture! Don’t miss out to explore this world-famous city if you get some time off from your meeting. The Lombard street is a popular place to visit related to it’s steep zick-zack structure. But who would have thought so that Filbert St. with an incline of almost 32 perecent is even more dramatic! The Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge are must-goes for any San Francisco visit. They not just made San Francisco world-famous but even the entire state of California. If you like an alternative experience, the Mission District might be the right place to visit. If you like nature, just drive over the Golden Gate bridge to visit Mill Valley, a cozy town nestled in between the coast, the Red Woods, and the Bay. Enjoy your stay in San Francisco, California!


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