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Challenge for Change – Sales Success Keynote

Motivational Sales Speaker on Strategies for Dramatically Improving Sales

Brief Overview of Program

S: Self Confidence

Learn how to tap into the sales success mindset by creating a winning belief system that produces confidence, values the costumer, endorses product advantages, and sets a vision for goal-oriented results.

U: Upping Your Game

How willing are your team members to leave their comfort zone in order to grow and succeed? Learn to embrace the beauty of rejection and pursue the joys of strategic risk by radical following-up strategies that guarantee 80% of sales.

C: Customer Friendliness

How well do you know your customers, and how are you staying connected with them over the long-term? What are the deal breakers and deal makers in building those lifelong relationships? Learn how to harness the power of relationship and the testimonials that result.

C: Closing Questions Made Simple

You are the guide on every buyer’s journey. Learn to structure that journey from the outset by setting the stage for your close from the beginning: Three simple questions that lead your customer to a win-win, well-informed decision to buy.

E: Emphasize Sales Science Mastery

Become a sales scientist by implementing techniques proven to achieve your sales goals. Master the practices that will make you a value-adding expert, a trusted authority, and a champion dedicated to your own success and the success of others.

S: Self-Responsible Sales Teams

Learn how to leverage solution-oriented sales teams who embrace personal responsibility over blame shifting. Quickly turn potential losses into new opportunities and convert prospective customers into closed deals.

S: Serve for Zero Defects

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Understand your customer’s needs before and after the sale to achieve zero defects in your sales results. Be customer-service oriented: Learn what differentiates American from European customer service and what makes for a universally winning close.

Do you want to boost your company’s sales with the right motivational sales keynote speaker? Would you like your employees to improve their closing rates and increase productivity? Michael Wigge’s Challenge for Change – Sales Success keynote and workshops reveal uncommon strategies based not only on what he learned traveling the world for free, but also how he found success bartering his way from an apple to a Hawaiian beach house. Motivational sales keynote speaker, TV host, Today Show & Tonight Show guest, and four-time book author, Michael Wigge, faced these incredible challenges and made the impossible happen. By mastering the science of sales, the motivational sales keynote speaker turned a bitten apple into a house in Hawaii in 42 artful exchanges (book and TV Show: How to Barter for Paradise). This challenge project turned adventurer Wigge into a sales expert. Wigge had to barter his items and constantly gain value by each barter deal. For expample, motivational sales keynote speaker Wigge had to turn an Indian three wheeled motor taxi ($2,000) into 250 feet of finest silk ($2,800). Professional sales strategies were the backbone of his success. At the End of 200 days around the world, and after 42 barter deal, he managed to make the incredible happen: Wigge turned a bitten apple into a Hawaiian home!

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Motivational sales speaker Wigge’s Challenge for Change – Sales Success keynote and workshops are built on strategies proven through overcoming the extraordinary challenges documented in his popular how-to books and TV shows. As an internationally acclaimed author, humorist, and sales keynote speaker, Wigge both informs and entertains as he reveals universal principles learned through his unique experiences—such as bartering gold and silver with billionaire Jim Rogers in Singapore, or selling himself as a butler to the ambassador in Panama for a free flight to South America.

For a fresh and creative approach to Challenge for Change – Sales Success keynote and workshops, tap into the world of motivational sales keynote speaker Wigge and learn how you and your team can dramatically boost your sales productivity.

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Interview With Motivational Sales Keynote Speaker Michael Wigge on How he shifted His Career:

Michael, how do you qualify as a top motivational sales keynote speaker?

Michael Wigge: I was facing adventure challenges as a main profession for almost 20 years. These challenges I faced were published on the international book and television market. One of the challenges actually brought me to sales. A few years ago, I took on the challenge to play the good old bigger and better game. Would I manage to start with a bitten apple and barter for bigger and better to get a real home in Hawaii? I know this sounds absolutely unreal, and I experienced during the 200 days around the world exactly that feeling. Each of the 42 barter deals from the bitten apple to the home in Hawaii was pretty much science of sales, because my barter deals always had to gain in value. When I started this challenge, I absolutely didn’t make things happen because I wasn’t a real sales man yet. But I learned day after day, week after week, and I became better, trading a motor taxi in India for valuable silk, and lateron trading in Singapore the green stone of jade to gold and silver. This required intense learning of sales techniques. Only a great sales man can make it from a bitten apple to a house in Hawaii! After I mastered this challenge, I wrote down a strategy paper on how to develop exremely good sales techniques, all based upon my experiences of “How To Barter for Paradise”. Nowadys, corporations, assocations, and sales departments enjoy my keynote on how to make big sales reality! Feel free to reach out to me if you require a motivational sales keynote speaker for your event!

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