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Do You Need a Motivational Speaker in Toronto or Detroit?

Are you looking for a kynote speaker to inspire your executives and your employees on change management, sales, leadership, or motivation?  Do you feel good about your upcoming event in Toronto or Detroit but you also know you want your staff to grow that day in order to succeed with your business?

Successful leadership requires a lot of qualities. You have to be decisive, thrive on change without losing composure, be helpful and listen while pushing those you supervise to take on bigger challenges, all while making sure your business succeeds.

Having a great Detroit and Toronto motivational keynote speaker at your conference can give you new perspectives and help your entire association or company see what many leaders have a tendency to overlook. In a 60-minute keynote, a breakout session, or an entire workshop, Detroit and Toronto motivational dspekaer Michael Wigge we will clarify your pain points, raise your performance goals, and forward  your action plan to all meeting participants to create the future you want for you and your company. Having that inspirational kind of clarity not only gives everyone a game plan for the future, but also greatly reduces stress and provides a source of energy for you and your team. Michael Wigge, Detroit and Toronot top motivational keynote speaker, serves on change management, leadership, sales, stress managment, self- and time management and motivation nationwide.

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How Does Top Motivational Speaker Wigge Inspire Audiences in Toronto and Detroit?

Wigge’s keynotes are based on his adventure challenges he faced for the internation media. How to Travel the World for Free and How to Barter for Paradise are two of his best selling books.

After each kenyote, motivational speaker Michael Wigge’s clients from Toronto and Detroit receive additional information and handouts related to the keynote topic. This is where the rubber meets the road and you put what keynote speaker Wigge has presented into action. Let’s say your executives find certain generations challenging to lead, in that case Wigge would formulate solution-based information to address that. Growth never happens until you leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself in new ways. “Challenge for Change” is the attitude that makes great leaders and helps them leave an impact on their world.  Top motivational speaker Michael Wigge’s delivers his keynotes in Toronto, Detroit and nationwide in the US and Canada.

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How is Wigge Qualified to Be a Detroit and Toronto Top Motivational Speaker for Associations and Corporation?

Keynote speaker Wigge is a serial entrepreneur who started as a TV host for MTV in 2002. He set up his television production company in 2005 and produced TV shows such as How to Travel the World for Free for PBS. Toronto and Detroit-based motivational speaker Wigge has personally hosted all of his programs staying true to one common theme: Leave your comfort zone to grow! He has been leading his “Challenge for Change” leadership and keynote programs since 2011. His most popular keynote addresses are “Challenge-4-Change Leadership Success” and “Challenge-4-Change Sales Success”.

Feel free to contact Wigge for detailed information for your Toronto and Detroit conferences!

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Wigge’s Information on Toronto and Detroit for Meeting planners:

Wigge loves both cities, and usually spends some recreational time when speaking for a conference in either city. His most favorite places to visit in Detroit are listed here. Actually it’s the only US city north of the Canadian boarder. This sounds kind of wrong but is true. Being in town, just check out the geography and enjoy your stay North of the Canadian boarder in a country South of Canada. It’s just a short drive into Canada via the Ambassador Bridge. Detroit has the legendary title of ‘the Paris of the Midwest’. Although you won’t find any Eifeltower in the city, you’ll be able to explore historic buildings from the 1930s that do remind you of the old days with glamour and the spirit of Paris. Detroits 987-acres Belle Isle Park is known to be the United States’ largest island park and a perfect place to stroll around between conference meetings and seminars. Detroit motivational keynote speaker Wigge usually resides in the Crowne Plaza Detroit Downtown Riverfront Hotel on 2 Washington Blvd., Detroit | Michigan | 48226 | United States | 1-313-9650200. This skyrise hotel offers the comfort, service, and the view you would desire after long conference hours. Wigge’s keynote are usually been delivered in different Detroit conference locations like the Cobo Center on 1 Washington Blvd Detroit, MI 48226.

Toronto is one of Wigge’s favorite conference cities, because of its endless amount of opportunities the city has to offer. Toronto has a population of 5.6 million people, and is the fifth largest city in North America after New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Mexico City. Would you ever imagine that Toronto has more days of sunshine a year than most sunny places in the Caribbean or in California? 301 days of sunshine are been counted in Toronto on average each year. Toronto was voted as the world’s second most friendly business city after Hong Kong, because it offers a great atmosphere for business in North America combined with a high standard of life quality. Toronto motivational keynote speaker Michael Wigge usually resides for conference gigs at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel on 123 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2M9, Canada +1 416-361-1000, because it offers conference members the necessary sorounding to calm down and relax. You may hold your conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on 255 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W6, Canada. It’s a perfect commute from the Sheraton Hotel to the Convention Centre, which enables you to see the most beautiful parts of the city.

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