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Salt Lake City, UT Motivational Speaker Michael Wigge

Want to Find a Top Motivational Keynote Speaker in Salt Lake City, UT?

SLC motivational speaker for associations, and coporations: TV personality Michael Wigge will help you have the most outstanding event conference!

Are You Unsatisfied with Average Keynote Speakers? Salt Lake City Speaker Michael Wigge Can Help!

Do you feel uninspired or unfulfilled for your next meeting or convention? Are you struggling to keep up with your professional obligations for your next meeting and you’d like to have an outstanding, funny motivational speaker?

Wigge’s Qualifications as Motivational Keynote Speaker!

If you are interested in or preparing a large meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, motivational keynote speaker Wigge can develop a detailed and fun keynote concept to help you have the best conference possible,  and without turmoil. Top motivational speaker Michael Wigge can also provide your audience with fun and practical tools, techniques and resources to respond to communication challenges or changing responsibilities. By applying the ten steps of my Michael Wigge Challenger Concept (MWCC), your audience in Salt Lake City can recognize their professional strengths, gain confidence in their abilities and feel stronger and more confident as part of your business.

As a self-employed professional challenge seeker for the past 15 years, motivational keynote speaker Wigge understands the challenges of conferences, meetings, and events in Salt Lake City needing to be entertaining to keep up the attention and atmosphere of the crowd. Keynote speaker Wigge has served more than 200 conventions as top motivational speaker in Englisch and German. SLC motivational speaker Wigge has learned that with dedication and a strategic approach, you can set up an entertaining meeting as an unforgetable event for your entire company.

As part of Wigge’s international television career (PBS, The Tonight Show) he challenged himself to travel the world without money and bartered his way from an apple to a house in Hawaii. Wigge has always lived his professional dreams, but it took enormous struggle and dedication to make his  motivational keynote business work. In his time as a challenge seeker and motivational speaker, he has developed highly entertaining keynotes, suitable for different kind of events in Salt Lake City and around Utah and with that one message that, when you are willing to achieve goals, the sky is the limit!

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You Can Be Confident that Your Next Event in Salt Lake City, UT Will Be the Best One Ever!

If you are ready to begin working toward that meeting where you can feel satisfied, successful and supported – or if you have additional questions about Wigge’s motivational keynotes – he encourages you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation on his keynotes.

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Many Professionals Want To Remember the Meeting in Salt Lake City As Satisfied And Fulfilled

Many individuals feel overworked at meetings and, to an extent, stressed by tight schedules. It is often said that attending conferences on a regular basis can have an exhausting effect on people. Limited time and/or lack of entertainment can leave many people feeling stressed and unsatisfied. Booking funny motivational keynote speaker Michael Wigge can help!

What are Motivational Speaker Wigge’s Keynotes All About?

The first step in improving leadership, sales, change, and motivation, is to identify your employees passions and explore what they might enjoy doing. By analyzing their patterns of thought and behavior they can identify and challenge the personal and professional barriers that are preventing them from achieving your business goals. Wigge’s goal as your Salt Lake City motivational speaker is to support and guide your meeting particants to do this introspective work, redirect negative thinking and gain self-confidence. As keynote speaker, he can highly entertain the crowds and help everyone discover within themself the wisdom and strength they need to pursue your professional business goals.

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Keynote Speaker Michael Wigge

Motivational Speaking

Michael Wigge can be booked for motivational speaking by the industry, by institutions, and by colleges all over the U.S. and Canada.

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