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How To Travel The World For Free (PBS)

This is the unbelievable attempt of award-winning speaker & coach Michael Wigge to travel 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica, without any money. On his journey he immerses himself in fascinating subcultures, sleeps on the street with homeless people and nourishes himself with flowers. With the help of over 100 people Wigge manages to aquire free food, free accommodation and free transportation for his 150 day journey across four continents and eleven countries.

This unusual travel diary combines adventure with humorous circumstances and insightful interviews about people’s relationship with money. A must for every travel and adventure fan …

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How to Travel the World for Free Cover

How To Barter For Paradise

Join Wigge on a wild ride as he trades an apple for a house in forty-two exchanges.

Most people like to travel in comfort: they stay in fancy hotels, never leave popular tourist spots, and stay away from the locals. Michael Wigge isn’t like most people, however. After traveling the world without money for 150 days (while writing How to Travel the World for Free), he embraced his next challenge: turning an apple into a house in Hawaii.

Join award-winning reporter Michael Wigge on a wild ride as he trades up an apple to a house in Hawaii in forty-two steps!

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Fifty States of Wigge

Michael Wigge—

who made global headlines when he traveled from Berlin to Antarctica on a $0 budget—is back!

This time, the travel project requires him to face 50 challenges in all 50 states in just 50 days!

Can he really do that?

Will Wigge turn the town of Boring, Oregon into a wild party?

Will he manage to sprint into the Grand Canyon – from top to bottom – within just 60 minutes?

Will he be able to travel almost 15,000 miles in his van across the United States in less than two months?

Watch the German reporter exploring the country, the culture and its most beautiful sites.

Go on a wild ride with Michael Wigge across the United States!

Fifty States of Wigge Cover

Germany By Scooter

Wigge’s Germany Challenge

Wigge finds out if it’s really possible to travel 2000 miles by kick-scooter across Germany –  in just 80 days!

Twelve Days, six Cities, one Sleeping Mask
(RTL television)

Six European cities – 48 hours – one sleeping mask

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