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Keynote on Self-Motivation and Team-Motivation

By Top Inspirational Speaker Michael Wigge

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  • Wigge’s adventure challenge “Trade Up around the World” as background of keynote
  • Incredible road trip around the world through 14 countries by top inspirational speaker Wigge
  • Self-motivation – the secret to overcoming obstacles, and forging ahead even in hopeless circumstances
  • Team-motivation – how to motivate others by having flat hierachies
  • Team-motivation – how to create a culture of radical motivation
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Motivation and stress management

Have you ever felt the satisfaction of making a really good deal? Do you remember that awesome feeling of managing and succeeding in a challenging task? To be able to negotiate fully and successfully, a high level of motivation is a basic requirement, and it is especially needed for business success.

Top inspirational speaker, Michael Wigge, offers an adventure portfolio of seven incredible adventures like ‘How to Travel the World for Free‘ and ‘How to Barter for Paradise‘. In ‘How to Barter for Paradise’, he traveled through 14 countries and six continents, exchanging goods for more valuable ones to turn a bitten apple on day one into a Hawaiian home after 200 days! This incredible challenge (PBS broadcast, book ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ published internationally) required – like all of his other challenges – an incredible amount of motivation. But how did top inspirational speaker, Michael Wigge achieve these amazing goals? And how did he delovelop that outstanding level of self-motivation? Using his doppelganger “Barterman” (a bartering superhero), he was able to transact spectacular barter deals during his stay in New York City. Along the way he met strange, funny and eccentric people who helped him in his quest. Michael stepped up his creativity by offering every kind of amazing service, from feeding wild crocodiles in Australia to playing the French horn on Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Wigge on The Tonight Show

In India, he fixed up a motorized rickshaw and traded it for 250 feet of silk. He brought jade to an American millionaire to barter for three ounces of gold and silver. At this stage, Wigge had increased the value of his initial investment an unbelievable 5,000 times!

After many deals around the world, top inspirational speaker, and Tonight Show guest Michael Wigge finally made his childhood dream come true: Owning a house in Hawaii! It took  spontaneity, cleverness, perseverance and the ability to think ahead in order to strive for this fantastical dream, but he did it! One critical factor proved to be the key for this incredible outcome: Successful self-motivation, and high-team motivation!

house in Hawaii

Top inspirational speaker, Michael Wigge’s enthralling speech and workshop are characterized by his trademark style, a hybrid of journalism and entertainment. It is an intense expedition around the world and through different cultures, – equally, informative, inspiring, and entertaining for a wide audience. Sharing extraordinary examples of his journey, top inspirational speaker  Wigge describes in his usual humorous manner that with a good dose of planning, initiative, and self-confidence, every goal can be achieved successfully. Throughout seven months of extensive globetrotting, Wigge and his team kept highly motivated, because of a specially designed motivation strategy. This is definitely a journey you won’t want to miss to learn the best corporate team-motivation.

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Interview with Top Inspirational Speaker Michael Wigge:

Mr. Wigge, how did you shif from adventure traveling to becoming a top inspirational speaker in the United States and Canada?

Wigge: I worked successfully as a so-called professional challenge seeker for almost two decades. This means that I set up adventure challenges to myself about every second year, and I tried managing to succeed in those challenges. My portfolio contains seven aventure challenges, all published as books and TV shows in the international media. One of these challenges is entitled ‘How to Travel Europe Blindfolded’. I was wearing a sleeping mask to travel major European cities like London, Paris, and Istanbul, wearing a sleeping mask. Obviously, this turned out to become a huge challenge, since traveling without eye sight can be highly scary and confusing. But I learned a lot on overcoming fear, trusting other people, team building, and general strategies to succeed. Other of my challenges are entitled “How to Travel the World for Free”, “How to Barter for Paradise”, and “How to Travel 50 States in 50 Days”. When I turned 35, I felt that I want to forward my learning experiences on stage to others. So I started building up my business as a top inspirational speaker for the United States and Canada. Nowadays, my top keynote topics are leadership success, change managment success, stress management for leadership, sales success, and self-motivation. I feel blessed to be able to share life stories with others, and help them to leave their comfort zone to personally and professionally grow. Feel free to reach out to me, if you’re looking for a top inspirational speaker in the United States and Canada!

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