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Want to Find a Career Coach in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland) or Nationwide?

Career coach for career change, and TV personality Michael Wigge will help you live a happy and fulfilled professional life and find career bliss with the right job.

Are You Unsatisfied in Your Career? A Career Coach Can Help!

Do you feel uninspired or unfulfilled at work? Are you struggling to keep up with your professional obligations and cope with work-related stress and anxiety? Do you find yourself sitting at work watching the clock, wondering if there is a profession you could truly be happy and successful in? Perhaps you feel overworked or underused by your company.

Or maybe anxiety over goals and responsibilities has led to arguments with your boss and colleagues. Maybe you’re considering a professional transition into self-employment, but don’t feel informed, motivated or confident enough to make the change.

Do You Long to Find a Job You Love Where You Can be Happy and Successful?

It can be a frustrating, stressful, and seemingly hopeless experience to feel stuck in a career or position you dislike. There is often a degree of fear or trepidation surrounding the possibility of professional change. A career transition – like moving to a new city, working with a new team, or taking on new responsibilities – can create doubts and uncertainty about your skills and role in the workplace. You may also feel so unhappy or overwhelmed in your current position that you dread getting out of bed in the morning, but don’t know how to make a change.

My Qualifications as Career Coach in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado

Once you have identified your passion – and the obstacles that have kept you from taking action – we can work together to build a solution-oriented, strategic plan that will help you reach your professional potential. If you are interested in or preparing to change professions, we can develop detailed action steps to help you make the transition comfortably, confidently and without financial turmoil. I can also provide you with practical tools, techniques and resources to respond to communication challenges or changing responsibilities. By applying the ten steps of my Michael Wigge Challenger Concept (MWCC), you can recognize your strengths, gain confidence in your abilities and feel happier and more satisfied in your career.

As a self-employed professional challenge seeker for the past 15 years, I understand the challenges of changing professions and trying to turn passion into a practical, paying career. I have changed careers, moved to new countries and personally experienced the many difficulties – and successes – of self-employment.

I have learned that with dedication and a strategic approach, you can make a living doing what you love. As part of my international television career (PBS, The Tonight Show) I challenged myself to travel the world without money and bartered my way from an apple to a house in Hawaii. I have always lived my professional dreams, but it took enormous struggle and dedication to make my business work. In my time as a challenge seeker and professional career coach, I have seen that, when you are willing to explore who you are, the sky is the limit.

You Can Feel Happy In Your Career

If you are ready to begin working toward a career where you can feel satisfied, successful and supported – or if you have additional questions about career coaching – I encourage you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

I provide career coaching for clients along Colorado’s Front Range and from around the world. Consultations and sessions can be conducted in person at my Boulder, Colorado career coach office, in Fort Collins, and in my Denver office,  (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland) or by phone and through Skype.

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Working Together

Many Professionals Want To Feel Happier Or More Fulfilled In Their Work

Many individuals feel overworked and, to an extent, abused by the companies they work for. It is often said that we live in a work culture, so you may find that your career decisions are taking priority over choices that could increase your personal happiness or fulfillment. Limited time off and/or lack of independence can leave you feeling like you are living for your employer rather than yourself. Or you may think your current job is pretty good but can’t shake the feeling that you would be more satisfied if you could find something more closely related to your passion. Like so many others, you may hesitate to pursue a new career path, worried that leaving your current position might be too risky.

The good news is you can develop the skills and confidence you need to find the right career for you. With the help of an experienced career coach, you can identify your professional goals and needs, respond to career challenges, and find satisfying and fulfilling work.

As your personal Challenge Coach in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver, I have a different approach supporting my clients than other career coaches: My clients are encouraged to leave their comfort zone to face their personal challenges. This leads to personal growth and the abilitity to  overcome any type of challenges. I might make you work hard, but I have a high success rate in creating the change my clients seek!

A Career Coach for Career Change Can Help You Reach Your Professional Potential

Countless individuals face challenges surrounding expectations or transitions in their careers. And while career challenges are common, they can be overcome. As your career coach in the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins region, I help you identify your career goals, and together, we address the work challenges that are keeping you from reaching your professional potential. When you can recognize your passion and understand what it is you want and need in your professional life, you can plan and take strategic steps that will help you reach your goals.

Michael Wigge on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

The first step in feeling happier and more satisfied in your work is to identify your passions and explore what you might enjoy doing as a career. By analyzing patterns of thought and behavior you can identify and challenge the personal and professional barriers that are preventing you from achieving your career goals. My goal as your career coach for career change is to provide the safe environment, support and guidance you need to do this introspective work, redirect negative thinking and gain self-confidence. I can help you discover within yourself the wisdom and strength you need to pursue your professional goals.

I feel blessed to call Boulder near Denver and Fort Collins (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland) in beautiful Colorado my current home base and dream place to live. Life coaching and motivational speaking are my dream professions. You can live all your dreams, too!

You may still have questions or concerns about working with a career coach for career change…

Do you feel embarrassed about seeking professional support?

The truth is we all need professional support at times if we wish to reach our career goals. When you learn to accept the help and guidance of others, you open paths to professional improvement and advancement. A career transition can be difficult and stressful – yet, after you find your passion, all you need is a proven strategy to pursue it. A career coach offers guidance and support to help you achieve your professional goals and reach your potential.

I’m not sure I can afford a career coach for career change.

While ongoing work with a career coach can become expensive, I take a solution-oriented approach to help you achieve your professional goals strategically and efficiently. Depending on the challenges you are facing, you may benefit from extended career coaching. But, it is important to consider that our work together is an investment in your current and future wellbeing, as working with a career coach can contribute to increased financial possibilities and happiness. In addition, I can offer special rates for those currently coping with financial hardship.

A new job brings joy to life

A New Job Brings Joy to Life With My Career Coaching in Boulder, Denver, and in Fort Collins (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland)

I work long or inconsistent hours and don’t have time to meet with a career coach for career change.

It can be difficult taking time for yourself when you feel overwhelmed or unhappy in your career. But, you may need to take time away – both to relax and to develop strategies to improve efficiency and increase a sense of balance in the workplace. A career coach for career change can help you be more productive and save time savings in other areas of your work. I offer weekend and Skype sessions if your schedule or location won’t allow you to come to my career coach offices in Boulder, Fort Collins, and in Denver, Colorado (incl. Golden, Longmont, Loveland).

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