What Is The Michael Wigge Challenger Concept (MWCC)?

During the last fifteen years, I have mastered extreme challenges such as traveling to the end of the world with no money or trading an apple for a dream home in Hawaii. Through this process I learned more and more about myself, reflecting on who I was, what my goals were, and how I planned to achieve them.

I learned that a strategic plan was the most important ingredient to my success and to feel happier. This improvement coaching plan is transferable to others, like my Denver, Boulder clients, who wish to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals in the four most important aspects of their life:

  • Career decisions
  • Personal relationships with others
  • Personal development
  • Physical and mental health
The Michael Wigge Challenger Concept (MWCC)

For improvement coaching, my specialty is working as a Challenge Coach. I will guide you through a strategic plan, my so-called Michael-Wigge-Challenger-Concept (MWCC) that follows ten important developmental steps:

The Challenger Concept (MWCC) for Life & Improvement Coaching

  • Analyze the six areas of your life with the Challenger Concept
  • Discover the personal barriers that are preventing you from succeeding
  • Redirect your thinking patterns and personal beliefs
  • Strengthen your self image
  • Recognize your hidden fears
  • Develop your value system and personal motives
  • Clarify your personal goals in life
  • Enhance your self-image through recognizing personal assets
  • Improve your sense of well-being, mental focus, and attention span through MediRun, my personally developed concept of endurance exercises and meditation
  • Create a costum-made action plan to improve the quality of your life
  • Become happier through improvement coaching as my Denver, Boulder client

Who Will Benefit?

Improvement coaching is goal-oriented communication designed to inspire you to create the best possible life imaginable.

Or: Life coaching is life training. You learn more about yourself, which helps you make the necessary changes to further develop yourself. Life & improvement coaching is an exciting journey for every participant, regardless of age, career, level of education, or personal situation.

Do you find yourself in mid-life feeling the urge for a career change, but are afraid you’ll take the wrong steps?

Are you stressed or treated unfairly in your workplace?

Are you already trying to change things in specific parts of your life, but somehow there are no real results, and you don’t really know why?

Do you just want more out of life, but simply dream about things without ever taking any action on them?

Are you generally unhappy or insecure about your relationships with friends and family, but don’t know how to change things?

Do you often feel unacknowledged, irritable, or lonely? Do you feel a lack of optimal health or emotional balance?

Do you simply want more out of life?

Life & improvement coaching here in Denver, Boulder, CO will help you to live a happy life.

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