Michael was a wonderful coach to work with. He started to analyze all the problems and he knew where to start. It was very motivating. He would always give me some “homework” which helped me improve my situation. I can highly recommend Michael’s coaching.
M.D., Denver, Teacher
Michael is enthusiastic and dynamic. Good at asking searching questions, suggesting options and pointing out the humor of various dilemmas.
Cindy V., Boulder, Consulting
I am blessed to have met Michael here in Hawaii. His way of coaching is light hearted, uplifting and inspirational. He asks the right questions and makes you laugh with and at yourself. He is a man of ACTION. He dreams and then he does and he has a way to spark that fire in others. When we had our coaching time I went home and I knew I CAN DO IT. I can do really anything if I just put my heart into it.

He traveled all over the world, is very courageous and fun to spend time with. He will definitely bring you out of your comfort zone if that’s what you want.

He will support you in all that you do, so don’t wait any longer!
Thank you for everything Michael!

Life Coach Lucy Lynch, Honolulu, Hawaii

Wow, this guy knows how to turn things around in life. Dreams become visions and his expert guidance leads you to the right action steps.

Thank you Michael for being such a great guide, coach and inspirational leader.  I look forward to our next session. With deep gratitude.

Life Coach Jens Trumpa, Bend, Oregon

Michael helps to bring me to the next level to start my own business. He does a great job. We speak once a month about my plans and next steps. He has been very helpful to overcome my fears about starting my own business.

Tim B., Berlin, Marketing

The sessions help me to change my point of view about myself and other people. Michael’s thoughts and enthusiasm have been very encouraging to help me communicate with other people, which in turn, support me in reaching my own goals. Thank you very much!

Matthias H., Black Forest, Germany; Musician

Michael motivates me to think outside of the box and to work on my dreams. The coaching is very helpful to find out and focus on what is important in my life. You can be sure that you’ll leave his lessons highly motivated and in a brilliant mood!

Sebastian S., L.A., Film industry
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