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In “Land of Loveliness” (LOL) on Deutsche Welle TV Reporter Michael Wigge explores interesting locations in Germany in his 1960’s classic car. Every week, he visits some of the most interesting tourist sites. He explores each location with a special day job.

Climbing in Saxon Switzerland

Rock Climbing with Michael Wigge in Saxony.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria was designed as a personal refuge for the reclusive King Ludwig II. His legacy and his unbridled enthusiasm for architecture and the arts still fascinate people from all over the world. That’s why our reporter Michael Wigge visits the famous landmark to get an insider’s view.

Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

This week, Michael Wigge visits the headquarters of Europe’s largest car manufacturer Volkswagen.

The Frankfurt Exchange

Lake Müritz

Once a week euromaxx’s roving reporter Michael Wigge visits unique locations in Germany. This time he’s off to Lake Müritz, the biggest body of water in northeastern Germany’s lake district.

Wigge travels through beautiful Germany for the self-produced series “The Truth about Germany”. He investigates German stereotypes to see if there is any truth to them. The show is broadcasted on DWTV reaching audiences in over 160 countries.

Is the Black Forest really black and are the Germans really as hard-working, reliable, unpatriotic and humourless as the stereotypes say? In this series, Michael Wigge tries to put right misconceptions about Germany in a humorous way. You can find the answers once a week in German and English!


Today our roving reporter Michael Wigge follows up on the term of “krauts”, an uncomplimentary name given to Germans due to their supposed exuberant love for sauerkraut. Wigge explored private and professional kitchens to check out what’s cooking in the stewing pots and approached people eating currywurst at the booth for his sauerkraut test.


This time around he looks at how true the image of Germany as a snow-covered winter wonderland really is. Not very – is the conclusion he comes to, especially not in his native Rhineland where it often doesn’t snow at all.


Our continuing series on clichés about Germany deals with the so-called 5th season, carnival. Our roving reporter Michael Wigge asks his countrymen what their attitudes are towards the merry and crazy tradition and shows us what kind of costumes people come up with.


Germany is one of the greatest soccer nations on earth. They won the World Cup in 1954, 1974 and 1990. Even their women have won the World Cup! But is the passion for soccer shared by all Germans?


Michael Wigge takes a look at the German obsession with cleanliness. He learns the ultimate sweeping technique in Swabia and joins the Keep Stuttgart Tidy campaign. But is Germany really as clean as it’s made out to be?


Today our intrepid reporter Michael Wigge examines the nation’s East-West issue. He wants to find out, 17 years after the Fall of the Wall, whether and which die-hard stereotypes and prejudices about “Easties” and “Westies” still exist.

Organic Trend

In another installment on German habits – perceived and real -, our roving reporter Michael Wigge looks at the German obsession with health food. In the last 10 years, the consumption of organic food has gone from 1.5 billion euros to 4.5 billion. But why this mania? Our man travels to the biggest health food market in Europe – located in Berlin – to find out!


Every week, our Euromaxx roving reporter sets out to find the Truth About Germany and investigate the clichés about the country and things typically German – techno, for example. The Germans are commonly seen as the inventors of techno. Kraftwerk was a pioneer of this kind of music in the 70s and DJs like Sven Väth and Paul van Dyck helped establish techno internationally. The biggest techno party in the world, the Love Parade, is very much Germany’s baby. First held in Berlin in 1989 with 150 ravers, the 2007 Love Parade boasted 1.2 million visitors and was held in the Ruhr Valley. But why are the Germans so crazy about techno? Wigge takes a techno DJ crash course in Frankfurt and gets Techno guru Sven Väth to explain the craze.

Wigge travels to Paris to stay awake for 24 hours. His goal: To explore everything and meet everyone worth meeting in town!

In the documentary series Gravel Travel, Michael Wigge takes the viewer to destinations off the beaten track. He spotlights places which haven’t yet been discovered by the tourist market due to the general perception that they are too dangerous, climatically extreme, uninteresting or just unknown.

Wigge blends in-depth journalism with entertainment and his unconventional approach takes viewers on a unique journey.

Gravel Travel pilot episode: Israel and Palestine (30 mins)

Wigge discovers the Middle East, a region torn by seemingly endless conflict. He highlights the unknown and beautiful sides of the region, but doesn’t look away when it comes to the ever-present conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Gravel Travel Cover
Gravel Travel Treatment

Wigge travels to the Venezuelan Amazon rainforest to live with Sanema Indians at the Rio Caura. The report provides an up-close insight into a culture that has remained practically untouched by Western culture. For his report, he immerses himself into the daily life of the Indian tribe and takes part in preparing food, hunting, building huts and leisure activities such as liana swinging.

The goal of this report is to follow up on the basic statement made by an American psychologist as a result of a long-term study. In her book “The Continuum Concept”, the author argues that the Sanema Indians are the happiest people on earth.

Wigge’s report reveals how these people live in a light-hearted and often self-mocking manner that completely breaks down the barriers between the tribe and himself, an outsider.

Wigge tries 30 things one should never do under the age of 30 because they are lame, embarrassing or just mind-blowingly boring.

German ‘Schützenfest’

In Love with Grandma

Wigge travels all over the world to do crazy challenges relating to local cultures!


Wigge finds out, how often he can make unsuspecting Japanese bow in front of him. His goal: He needs to find a Japanese who bows at least 20 times for him.

Girlfriend in Spain

Wigge looks completely messed up after visiting the La Tomatina festival in Valencia. But now his second challenge of the day: He needs to find a girlfriend before sunset!

Schlampi, the dirty rabbit!

Wigge has a different persona today. He is “Schlampi”, the dirty rabbit. Schlampi’s goal is to make boring New York cool again. Spray paint, drugs and lots of garbage are his tools.

Blind through Tokyo

Tokyo doesn’t have any street signs. So why look out for them anyway? Wigge has to find his way blindfolded from the train station to his hotel!

Wigge’s celebrity comedy on MTV is legendary. He catches unsuspecting celebrities with unusual stunts and pranks…

In WIGGE’S BINGO he spontaneously has to include five weird words and gestures into his five minutes interiew with a celebrity while seriously talking about the latest movie. Will he manage to include those five words and five gestures without the star getting irritated or catching on?

Bingo with Will Smith


Wigge’s task is to shake the stars’ hands as long as possible. Shake hands with: Ralf Möller, Oliver Stone, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell

In-depth chat with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Wigge talks to celebrities about nothing…

Bingo with Ben Stiller

Bingo with Roberto Benigni