Fifty States of Wigge

50 states in 50 days and faces 50 incredible challenges

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Fifty States of Wigge

Fifty States of Wigge

Michael Wigge travels all 50 states in 50 days and faces 50 incredible challenges.

Forty-eight of these 50 states will be traveled by camper van, across 14,000 miles of road. This will mean not sleeping very much. Be prepared for a 60-minute sprint challenge from the top to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a challenge to finally touch Donald Trump at his Trump Rally, a German challenge regarding the 50 million Americans with German heritage, and a weight loss challenge in Colorado, America’s least obese state. You will see Wigge in Florida trying to figure out what a swing state is—and watch as he learns the trumpet in New Orleans and tries to find diamonds in the crater of diamonds in Arkansas.

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  • Challenge

Hawaii Challenge

Hawaii Challenge and 50 States of Wigge End! I have made it to Hawaii to face a Hawaii Challenge. 50 [...]

  • Juneau

Glacier Challenge

Alaska - first time in my life, yooohooo, to face a glacier challenge. Basically I flew here from Seattle after [...]

  • Washington

Rain Challenge

I am in the state of Washington to face a rain challenge. This state is known to be one of [...]

  • Oregon

Party Challenge in Boring

I am in Oregon to face a party challenge in Boring. Yes, the town of Boring seems not to be [...]

Touch Donald Trump Challenge

I am in California and I have just visited a Donald Trump rally to face a Touch Donald Trump challenge! [...]

  • Yosemite Park

Yosemite Oldest Tree Challenge

I am in Yosemite to face a Yosemite oldest tree challenge. Many know that this incredible and amazing park has [...]

Gambling Challenge

VIVA Las Vegas to face a gambling challenge. Sure, Vegas is the place to be if you want to win [...]

  • Arizona

Grand Canyon Running Challenge

Grand Canyon Running Challenge I have been to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to face a Grand Canyon running [...]

  • Latino Challenge

Latino Challenge

Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico to face a Latino challenge because every second person here is Latino or has a [...]

  • Colorado

Weight Loss Challenge

Hallo from Colorado to face a weight loss challenge. Why? Colorado is known to be the U.S. state with the [...]

  • Challenge

Nebraska Boredom Challenge

I am in Nebraska, and we all know it's not Hollywood, that's why I am facing a Nebraska boredom challenge. [...]

  • Utah Mormon

Mormon Challenge

I am in Salt Lake City in Utah to face a mormon challenge. Sure SLC and Utah are the mormon [...]

  • Cleanliness Challenge

Cleanliness Challenge

I am in Idaho, Pocatello to face a cleanliness challenge. Some might wonder why a cleanliness challenge in good old [...]

  • Weapons

Weapon Challenge

Hellohello from Wyoming to face a Wyoming weapon challenge. I have just driven through the beautiful national park of Yellow [...]

  • Moose challenge

Moose Challenge

Hi everyone, after a very long drive, I have made it to Montana to the Rocky Mountains to face a [...]

  • South Dakota

Mt Rushmore President Challenge

I am at famous Mount Rushmore to face a Mt Rushmore president challenge. Anyway, most of you probably know who [...]

  • Bismarck

German North Dakota Challenge

I am in Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, to face a German North Dakota Challenge. Basically 50% of the [...]

  • Hinckley

Minnesota Voting Challenge

I am in the state of Minnesota to face a Minnesota voting challenge. Why here? 3 out 4 people go [...]

  • Brat

Wisconsin Brat Challenge

I am in Wisconsin, a state with a strong German heritage and no surprise that the city of Sheboygan calls [...]

  • Friend Clinton

Hillary Clinton Friend Challenge

Hillary Clinton Friend ChallengeI am in Chicago to face a Hillary Clinton Friend Challenge!It's the hometown of Hillary Clinton. She [...]

  • Des Moines

Literacy Challenge

I am in Des Moines in Iowa to make the people face a literacy challenge. This is the state with [...]

  • Missouri

Kansas City Challenge

Hello from Kansas City to face a Kansas City challenge. The surprise to me as a German is the fact [...]

  • Kansas

Largest Ball of Twine

Lagest Ball of Twine - Wow, what's that? Basically it's a world record in the heart of Kansas. And for [...]

  • so red

German Red Neck Challenge

I have reached the state of Texas to face a German red neck challenge. Since Texas is so huge, I [...]

  • Oil industry

Oil Challenge

Hello from Oklahoma, the oil state in the U.S. besides Texas to face an oil challenge here. There has been [...]

  • Arkansas

Diamond Crater Challenge

Arkansas, state 26 out of 50 and I am inside the famous diamond crater to face a diamond crater challenge. [...]

  • Marching Bands

New Orleans Trumpet Challenge

I have made it to state 25 out of 50 - New Orleans, Louisiana. It's time to party all night [...]

  • Gulport

Mississippi Election Challenge

I am in Mississippi! What a funny name! Four S, four I, two P, one M. Respect, I like that [...]

  • so lonely

Democrat Challenge

I have made it to Mobile in Alabama, the most conservative state of the U.S. to face a Democrat  Challenge. [...]

  • Sunny

Swing State Challenge

State 22 out of 50, I have made it to Fernandina Beach in Florida. First time Florida for me. Pretty [...]

  • Park

Trailer Park Challenge

I have made it to lovely South Carolina to face a trailer park challenge. Basically I am visiting one of [...]

  • Paper!

Tiny Paper Challenge

I am in the state of North Carolina I am currently facing a tiny paper challenge. The town of Tryon [...]

  • Challenge

Chicken Challenge

I have made it to Georgia on my 50-State-of-Wigge trip across the U.S. to face a chicken challenge. First I [...]

  • Tennessee

Country Music Challenge

I have made it to Nashville Tennessee and it's time for a country music challenge. Nashville is known as a [...]

Wrestling Challenge

I am in the state of Kentucky actually in Louisville to face a wrestling challenge. Why such a challenge? Well, [...]

  • bad guy

Law Breaking Challenge

I have rushed from Detroit to Indiana to face a law breaking challenge. Excuse me? What? Yes, I am not [...]

  • poor

Detroit Challenge

I am pretty exhausted after rushing from Ohio to Michigan. Here in Detroit, guess what? Sure, I have to face [...]

  • slow

Mc Donalds Challenge

I have made it to Ohio and I am not here to check out farmland or Amish farmers. Actually I [...]

  • so left

Left Hand Challenge

I have arrived in West Virginia, a beautiful state with the Apalache mountains, small valleys with fog and beautiful scenery. [...]

  • Washington

Mount Rushmore Challenge

I am in Mount Rushmore, Virgina, at the mansion of the former President George Washington. Pretty place here, lots of [...]

  • me

Germantown Challenge

Hallo from lovely Germantown in Maryland, where I have to face a Germantown challenge.  Obviously I thought that Germantown might [...]

  • Wiggy

Delaware Tax Challenge

Tax Heaven?I have reached state 10 out of 50 after 1,4000 miles. 40 more states to go will be fun [...]

  • great

New Jersey Crowd Challenge

Where are the masses?I am in the southern part of New Jersey and I expect huge crowds and masses being [...]

  • Amish Challenge

The Amish Challenge

Welcome to Amish CountryI have reached the U.S. Staat of Pennsylvania to visit the Amish farmer community and to face [...]

  • sleeping in van

New York Challenge

Franklin D. RooseveltI have reached Upstate New York and I have to face a New York challenge here. Since I [...]

  • Mansion
  • very long

The Mark Twain Challenge

What happened so far?I have arrived in Connecticut for a Mark Twain challenge, after I have already traveled to five [...]

  • Fast

Rhode Island – The Speed Challenge

The tiny State!After I have been to the U.S. state with the most difficult name to pronounce for a German [...]

  • Challenge no. 4
  • Fast

America Challenge during a Day of Sadness

Fun Challenge during a Sad Day I have reached my third state of my 50 states trip across the U.S. [...]

  • lovely town

Vermont – Bad Ass Trump Challenge

Vermont I have just arrived in the lovely state of Vermont where I have to face to Trump challenge. Ok [...]

  • very long
  • Fifty States of Wigge Cover
  • me

Pizza Challenge in New Hamshire

The Pizza Challenge I have reached my second of 50 States today: New Hamshire where I have to face a [...]

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