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The Challenger Mindset for Success

Professional Motivational Speaker Wigge on Facing Challenges

  • Overview of his challenge stories such as How to Barter for Paradise and How to Travel the World for Free
  • The difference between an unspecific wish and a clear target
  • Challenger Mindset for Success: Ambition, discipline, and continuous striving
  • The structures required for achieving dreams
  • Challenger Mindset for Success: the importance of humor and empathy
  • The predictability of risk and its role in goal attainment
  • How to set goals for success by professional, motivational speaker Wigge
  • How to leverage your passion, vision, values, life purpose, and beliefs to get everything you want in life.

According to conventional thought, our desires are often  satisfied by the outside world and other people. However, the truth is quite different. “Dreams and goals can only be fulfilled by taking responsibility for them through self-determination, hard work and clear structures,” says professional keynote  speaker, Tonight Show guest Michael Wigge who serves the United States and Canada. Equipped with this challenger mindset for success and a dash of smart groundwork, visions will come true.

The Sky Seems to be Wigge’s Limit for the Professional Motivational Speaker

Award-winning globetrotter, professional keynote speaker, and television celebrity Michael Wigge, achieves extraordinary goals and he lives his dreams and visions. In his book and television show, ‘How to Travel the World for Free’ (PBS), Wigge traveled without a penny in his pocket – from Europe to Antarctica. He lived with the Sanema Indians in the rain forest, crossed Germany on a Razor scooter in 80 days and became a sumo wrestler in Tokyo for MTV.

Professional keynote speaker for the United States and Canada, Michael Wigge turned his childhood dream of owning a house in Hawaii into reality – In 42 artful exchanges, he began with an apple and bartered for bigger and better things until he attained his dream (see ′How to Barter for Paradise′).

Professional motivational speaker Michael Wigge shares the lessons he learned in overcoming awe-inspiring challenges in an authentic, fascinating, and humorous way. He explains how work can become one’s passion and how desire for success can be reignited. The key question: What exactly is your goal?

  •  Wigge on The Tonight Show

Professional keynote speaker for the United States and Canada, Michael Wigge, developed his “Challenger Mindset for Success” keynote and workshop by achieving a successful career and living the life of his dreams. Michael feels confident that with drive and discipline, anyone can turn their dreams into reality.

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Interview with Professional Keynote Speaker Michael Wigge on How He Shifted from Adventure Traveling to Speaking:

Michael, how and when did you change the focus of your profession?

Wigge: I was basically living my dreams for almost two decades by setting up my own adventure challenges, and publishing them as books and television shows in Germany and in the United States. This was a luxury situation because I chose one challenge after another, that would help me develop personally and professionally. In ‘How to Travel the World for Free’, I overcame most of my fears, because traveling 30,000 miles without any money can be a huge comfort-zone-leaving exercise in terms of fear. My other very big challenge is entitled ‘How to Barter for Paradise’ as a book and ‘Trade Up around the World’ as a stage show. Here, I bartered a bitten apple for bigger and better to get a house in Hawaii – after 42 barter deals. This was a one year extremely tough challenge, that taught me a lot on leadership, sales, and team building to become a professional motivational speaker. Furthermore, I exposed myself to other challenges like ‘Traveling Europe Blindfolded’. Here, I left my comfort zone on a very different level, and learned a lot on overcoming fears, deleloping self-motivation, and stress management. After 15 years of these comfort-zone-leaving-exercises, I realized that it was time to forward my experiences on stage, and started working as an internationally recognized professional keynote speaker and challenge coach. Feel free to reach out to me for further inquiries on booking me as your professional motivational speaker!

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